About Us

We at haveiseen are here to help you on those nights when you're really in the mood for a movie, but don't know what to watch!

haveiseen was born as a result of a modern day conundrum: A living room full of friends and the indecisiveness of choosing a movie. haveiseen removes the drawn out process of reading synopsis, finding movie trailers and the awkward moment of rejecting a friends movie recommendation, while the popcorn bowl slowly depletes itself. It puts the group on the same boat, so everyone experiences watching movie trailers back to back to find tonight's flick. Its entertainment, while looking for more entertainment.

haveiseen will ask you to do one simple thing! pick a genre and a year. Lights out and pass the popcorn around. haveiseen will play movie trailers back to back, until you've had your fill!

Haveiseen.com was developed by app-itch Inc, a team of two, from Toronto, with a love for movies.